SUPRODA is uniquely positioned to serve a diverse range of clients including brands, advertising, social media marketing, software developers, record labels, production music libraries, music licensing for film and TV, video gaming, educational institutions, live venues, web3 and metaverse.

AI Music Consultancy

  • Expert guidance on integrating AI music with professional music production and composition with a strong emphasis on ethical strategies
  • Learn how to harness the power of AI while ensuring that human creativity remains at the forefront
  • Innovative AI solutions tailored to your specific project requirements, ensuring professional results that align with your artistic vision

AI Music Creation

  • Cutting-edge AI technology fused music production, compostion, audio engineering and mastering to create groundbreaking music that enhances human creativity
  • Fine-tuning AI models and metadata tagging for music catalog training, optimizing your music assets for rights administration and sync licensing
  • AI vocal cloning to achieve specific tonal qualities, allowing you to explore new vocal textures
  • Innovative tools and techniques that elevate your music production to new heights


  • Facilitating collaborations between music tech companies, artists, and producers, driving forward-thinking projects that bridge the gap between music technology and the traditional music industry
  • Ethical AI integration ensures that all collaborative efforts are conducted with the highest standards of integrity
  • Bringing together diverse talents and expertise, creating synergy where groundbreaking ideas can flourish